If you are looking for a ground breaking project and eager to grow and learn, please apply to the Gu lab at Harvard Medical School!


In order to deliver the breakthrough science, we need to build a breakthrough team, namely a group of high functioning individuals who, together, form a team that is, to a large extent, self-managed.  For this reason, it is important that successful candidates are able to embrace the many opportunities for personal growth, and relish the high degree of freedom they will enjoy with regard to scientific ideas. 


I hope it goes without saying that each individual should feel personally devoted to the science as well as possessing a sincere desire to be the best of the best at what they do. 


We are looking for outstanding and highly motivated candidates to study the molecular mechanisms governing the formation and function of the blood-brain barrier using a combination of mouse genetics, high resolution live imaging, cell biology, biochemistry, and engineered stem-cell based technologies.


Potential projects involved in several directions including:

Candidates who are strong both strategically (able to do creative thinking) and tactical skills that will produce rigorous lab work are encouraged to apply. Candidates with a background in bioengineering, optic and/or lipid biology are particularly welcome.


For more information about the research topics please visit: Gu lab website: http://gu.med.harvard.edu/


Available as early as November, 2014


Applicants should contact Chenghua Gu:  Chenghua_Gu@hms.harvard.edu